A Bad Day in Space

In this episode of Ask A Rocket Scientist Chuck wants to know:

How is it possible that an astronaut and a cosmonaut successfully escaped from atop an exploding rocket last October?

These two men were on their way to the International Space Station when their Soyuz rocket experienced critical failure and jettisoned them away from the explosion. “Hey Bill, what theā€¦?!?!”

Here’s the news story from space.com

Watch the Incredible Video Footage

Also in this episode we talk about the stunning new film FIRST MAN, starring Ryan Gosling. Our lingering question: Why didn’t we ever hear from Neil Armstrong after that momentous first leap for mankind?

First Man – Official Trailer

Finally, our listener Butch Farber wants to know if we should be concerned with two black holes apparently joining forces. (Don’t worry Butch. The short answer is ‘No’ (at least not yet, anyway). You can read about it here.

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One comment on “A Bad Day in Space”

  1. Robbie Knight

    My favorite moment of this episode is when Chuck asks how astronauts could survive in exploding rocket. Bill digs and enthusiastically, while Chuck is still having a moment of near hysteria. It’s hilarious, it’s fascinating and it’s fun.


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