Say Hello to Planet Nine

In this episode, Bill and Chuck discuss the discovery of a brand new planet in the distant outskirts of our solar system. 

No, it’s not Pluto (don’t get us started on that topic!). Also, Chuck’s son Oliver has seen every Star Wars movie at least 20 times. He loves them all (yes, even Eps 1-3) but there’s one thing about those movies that really bugs him. He’ll ask Bill for an explanation.

Then we hear from a listener named Danny who’s curious about new methods of powering our space travels. Any chance we can speed up our future trips to other planets?

If you have a question or want to suggest a topic for our Rocket Scientist, send us a message and who knows, you could be a part of a future episode!

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One comment on “Say Hello to Planet Nine”

  1. Robbie Knight

    Hey they put listeners on this show! Send Chuck and Bill a message!


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