The Science of Ad Astra

In this special episode we hurtle into deep space to explore the new Brad Pitt movie AD ASTRA.

Apocalypse Now in space.

Our intrepid hosts attempt to answer the questions of our special guests; 12 year old Eddie and 15 year old Oliver.

Dig our state of the art recording facility

Like is it possible for there to be a car chase…sorry…a badass lunar rover chase(!) on the moon?

And what happens to your body and your mind when you’re in deep space for 30 years? (Hint-it’s not great)

I’m sure he’s going to be fine.

Not only is AD ASTRA a compelling film but it also might be the best looking movie of the year. (And that’s not just because it stars hunky Brad Pitt.)

“What do you mean you dropped the wrench?”

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