The Science of Star Wars

In this special episode of Ask A Rocket Scientist the fellas break down the scientific plausibility of the Star Wars Universe.

Rocket Scientist Bill Skaff and science idiot Chuck Woodford are joined by a special guest, Social Scientist Keith Gehring, to discuss some of your most pressing Star Wars questions.

Are lightsabers possible? And, if so, what color would you choose?

What in the heck is going on at Starkiller Base? Could we ever possibly harness the power of the sun to better meet our energy demands here on Earth (or maybe channel that energy into finally taking out those bastards on Betelgeuse)?

How about all those working stiffs on Starkiller Base? What are their days like? And will Matt ever learn how to rewire the calcinator?

Are landspeeders and speeder bikes complete fantasy or will we someday be able to zip thru the redwoods on badass bikes like the stormtroopers?

Oh, and check out these geniuses who recreated the RETURN OF THE JEDI speeder bike chase on water. Awesome!!

And don’t even get us started on the the galactic trade route taxation issues. Keith definitely has some thoughts on that hot topic!

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