Women On The Moon vs Godzilla!!

In this episode Bill and Chuck want to know what it’s going to take to finally get some estrogen on the moon!

NASA has announced an ambitious plan to get both men AND women on the moon by 2024. They are calling it the ARTEMIS program.

This effort to put a woman on the moon should not be confused with the Steve Gutenberg and Arsenio Hall classic from 1987.

Carrie Fisher AND Henny Youngman? How bad can it be?

How realistic is this 2024 target date? Will we have to sacrifice other missions to get this done? Bill has the expert’s insight.

Calling the program ARTEMIS, the twin of Greek God Apollo, is brilliant. We’re looking forward to the moon having the same diversity as the Earth.

By the way, Andy Weir’s follow up to The Martian is a fun, quick read called Artemis. Check out the audio book featuring Rosario Dawson!

Also on this episode, Bill gives us an update on the commercialization of spaceflight. With Space X’s recent troubles, are we still on schedule to get humans back in space on American rockets by the end of the year?

No one injured (thank goodness) but this is definitely a setback!

Finally, we’re joined by Chuck’s son (and Godzilla fanboy) Eddie for some hard hitting questions about the King of the Monsters. When Ghidorah is breathing fire, is he actually just farting out of his mouth? Juvenile minds want to know!!

I never knew a giant moth could be so beautiful.

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  1. Robbie Knight

    Excellent explanation of how NASA and private space companies are tackling space in space!


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