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A Year In Space

Traveling to distant planets is not a quick journey so what happens to the human body during all that time in space? Glad you asked. In this ep, Bill and Chuck get down to the nitty gritty about long-term space travel.

Thanks to astronaut Scott Kelly (and his Earth-bound twin brother Mark) we’ve got some actual answers to the long-term effects of space travel.

Isn’t that the dude from Genesis?

And is it true that astronauts have to get real creative when it comes to recycling their fluids in space? If so…how creative…?

You do NOT want to know what’s in that vial

Chuck’s son Eddie wants to know how spacious our inter-planetary ships will be as we travel to Mars. Here’s a quick look inside the new Orion capsule where the astronauts will spend most of their time.

Will Eddie be able to chase his brother Oliver around the ship or will he have to torment him up close and personal?

A brief moment of calm before the Sibling Storm hits.

Hopefully Orion is bigger than those old Apollo capsules. Here’s Chuck (center) with his NASA buddy Rick (left) and writer pal Danny (right) stuffed into an Apollo mockup at Marshall Space Flight Center in AL a lifetime ago.

Not even the Saturn V could’ve lifted that much awesomeness into space

And while we’re talking about long-range space flight, any chance we can put some folks to sleep in suspended animation for all the months it’ll take to get to Mars? Hollywood does it all the time so it has to be possible, right?

Han Solo seemed to be OK once they thawed him out. What could go wrong?

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